Who Am I?

Well, that depends on what you want to know. I’m a writer at heart, dabbling in all forms at some point – though whether I succeed in them is a different matter entirely. I do it for fun, I do it because I enjoy it, because it helps me relax, because it helps me order my thoughts and perspectives, and because above all I feel it is my calling.
My main focus is journalism, my chosen career, but this blog will showcase other pieces, not just the ones I write for publication or the non-fiction I write as a journalist. It was conceived as an outlet, but has grown to be a significant part of my week (I try and post something original on a weekly basis).
It is also a way of connecting with others, with people who have incredible talent and whom I admire and am inspired by. Hence the name, Networding. Through WordPress, I want to share your journeys, show my appreciation for your talent and hopefully grow a little (or a lot) in my abilities.
Thanks for reading/sharing/liking/caring, and welcome to Networding.


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